Deep Thoughts

November 2019 · Chef John Reed, CEC, CCA

If you remember the SNL Video Shorts, Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy, here is my homage to Phil Hartman.

I was really trying to think about the subject, but my mind was wandering to so many places. So, I just decided to give you a list of my random thoughts on the world of food that I love so much.

I am not going to preach the health benefits for not eating them in your food-you have pop culture, your doctor and the grocery aisle to tell you that. I am going to give a few of my favorites dishes that rely on these ingredients.

On Food

  • Anchovies are under-rated and really delicious
  • Mayonnaise on everything. Travel the world and you will understand that ranch dressing doesn’t reign supreme
  • There is never enough salumi, wurst, pate and real cheese, but all in moderation
  • Stay away from the canned aisle or frozen food section of the grocery store unless it’s frozen peas or condensed milk
  • German Halb and Halb Kartoffelknodel are a bitch to make
  • Bread should be baked every day and not put in a plastic bag to sit on the shelf until your next birthday
  • Great ingredients and simple techniques win the day every time
  • Pizza is everywhere, and it means something different to everyone
  • Eating fish off the bone is just as good as ribs off the bone
  • There are some pretty awful burgers around the world
  • Some of the best steaks aren’t cooked in the US
  • Some of the best meals don’t have to be cooked
  • There is too much food on the grocery store shelf when parts of our society struggle to put a meal on the table

On Drinks

  • It is ok to have a drink at lunch time. You are an adult and should be able to control yourself
  • Beer is perfect for breakfast
  • You can always find a bar with great beer, the blues and burgers somewhere in the world
  • Porter and Stout are the same thing!
  • Lambrusco should always be stocked in your fridge
  • Always serve something with a cocktail

On Dining

  • Eating with your fingers should be encouraged in western society
  • Fine dining is not very exciting anymore, and I can get a better meal in a local diner where it’s not about the stars but value and honesty.
  • Seeing a smile on a person’s face when they taste something great is worth the 12-hour days in the kitchen
  • Fast food restaurants are manufacturing facilities
  • Sometimes hospitality can’t be taught in school; it’s in your heart, you just have to find it
  • It doesn’t matter what the language, people love to talk about food. Pictures definitely say a thousand words
  • Eat outside more often and be willing to share it with the birds
  • US airline food is really bad and getting worse
  • Eat at more restaurants with women chefs, as they deserve just as much or more credit than men in our industry
    Don’t try and make any sense of this, but what I want you to do is to spend a little more time looking at the food and beverages around. What you do with it affects other people. For most of us, our lives are surrounded by food and drink in excess; we need to stop and share what we have with others in kind, in spirit and in random thoughts.

    Random Beverages

    Elvis Juice

    Grapefruit Soda Disguised as Beer

    Elvis Juice

    Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier

    It’s that time of year-bonfires and dried leaves.

    Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier


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