A chef of many hats

Award-winning chef. Regular contributor to industry publications. Mentor. Business owner. Dedicated father and husband.

Professional credentials

Professional Chef John Reed founded Custom Culinary Solutions in the fall of 2008. He and his wife and business partner Rosemary have since made it their life’s passion to transform their business and transition into the digital world and have helped countless others do the same.

For over 30 years, Chef John has shared a wealth of knowledge with the culinary world, having studied and cooked locally, nationally and internationally. He holds Certified Executive Chef and American Academy of Chefs designations.

Chef John kicked off his career by obtaining an associate’s degree in culinary arts from Johnson & Wales University followed by a bachelor of science degree in hotel, restaurant and travel administration from University of Massachusetts. Chef John has spent time working in Massachusetts, Florida, England and Switzerland before settling in Chicago.

Among his many qualifications, Chef John was ACF Chef of the Year in 2007, ACF National Chef Professionalism 2010 and has since been decorated as a Culinary Competitor. In his past, Chef John has worked for companies all across the country.

It is his dream to become an ACF Certified Master Chef and Master Cicerone at the same time, which is a whole new level of expertise that he’d like to share with his clients.

Fun Facts
  • There are 68 Master Chefs in the US.
  • As a Certified Cicerone, Chef John knows a thing or two about beer.
  • He enjoys cooking for his sons and their sports teams.
  • Big music fan—anything from reggae to ‘80s. “It goes so well with food.”

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