Thoughts on a Sandwich

August 2009 · Chef John Reed, CEC, CCA

In seeing something so simple as two slices of bread filled with a few ingredients, how can one be overwhelmed with excitement and energy.  It is simple, it’s about seeing someones personality and passion about their gift of food come alive in their kitchen. How can a sandwich create reactions in people? A conceivably a simple item created bya gifted chef who wants to make the best one, not a massed produced $5.00 recession beater, is special.

The time and energy to cure pork belly for 4 days, ferment cabbage for sauerkraut, get real rye bread from the small baker down the road, and not open a purchased  mustard jar but have to make house is not about how many they can sell but how much pleasure they can provide to the  person ordering it. On seeing a video image of that type of sandwich and then to witness my 12 year old son salivate and immediately request that we drive halfway across the country to get one is amazing. That is the power of food.  I saw my son’s mind rolling over as he visualized the tastes and textures. I felt  the excitement he got in planning  how he would go about sitting down and “digging” into it.  That’s what I think is special about a chef who understands that he can convert his love of food into a success if he knows how to evoke  a pleasure in the that person by serving natural ingredients, expertly prepared in an honest way. 

Remember it’s only and sandwich.

John Reed
Chef John Reed, CEC, CCA
John Reed is a professional chef with over 30 years experience. John has extensive knowledge of culinary techniques, ethnic cuisines, food history and more!

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