List of Common Indian Street Foods

September 2019 · Chef John Reed, CEC, CCA

Samosas – Fried Pastry filled with mashed potatoes and chilies

Chaat – General term for a snack, usually a small plate or fried potatoes and various toppings

Dosa – Thin crispy pancake made from fermented grains cooked on one side and may be filled and always served with a soup

Uttapam – Similar to Dosa but thicker and presented similar to a flat bread

Sambhar– Vegetable lentil soup served with various snack with the unique drumstick vegetable

Vada – Lentil or dal-based donut or fritter can be both sweet and savory

Pakora – Chopped or shredded vegetable fritter made with chickpea (Besan) flour

Papdi – Crispy rice crackers

Boli – Stuffed paratha bread from the south of India

Kachori – Crispy stuffed pastryes

Bhaja – similar to pakoras, onion and sweet potato are very popular and mainstream

Pantaras – Rolled pancakes filled with vegetables form in the shape of an eggroll eaten with chutneys

Chop – Deep fried fritter made from proteins such as chicken of fish

Kathi – Fried mini wraps

Chilla – Moong dal pancake seasoned with onions, vegetables and herbs

Pav – Mini sandwich filled with various items such as eggs and Vada

Dabeli – Mumbai sandwich with a potato, peanut and pomegranate filling

Aloo Tikka Chaat – Mini potato pancakes served with braised chickpeas, tamarind chutney and yogurt

Paratha – Stuffed fried breads which have a flaky layered texture

Pan Puri – Crispy fried pastry cup filled to order with spicy sour water and a little potato.

Jalebi – A spiral shaped syrup-soaked fritter accented with cardamom

John Reed
Chef John Reed, CEC, CCA
John Reed is a professional chef with over 30 years experience. John has extensive knowledge of culinary techniques, ethnic cuisines, food history and more!

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