September Newsletter 2015

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A Home-cooked Meal

Holy Crap! I have reached the stage in my life where I need glasses to read everything and, I have to remind myself to bring them with me everywhere. When I went to dinner the other night, I played it cool in front of the family and said, “I always order, so why doesn’t someone else order for the table tonight?” In reality, I couldn’t see a damn thing on the menu and didn’t know what I was ordering anyway. My eldest son, who is soon leaving for college, picked up the menu and ordered for us. His choices were exactly what I would have ordered. He chose some dishes we could share and seasonal flavors, which were imaginative and appropriate for us. I was really proud that he knew a lot about food and that his scope of knowledge wasn’t limited to nationally recognized fast food chains or the freezer aisle at the local grocery store.

After his first couple of days of school, I asked him what the meals were like and the words that stuck in my head were “We had chicken pieces that I don’t know what part of the animal they came from!” I wanted to say to him, I bet you are ready for a home-cooked meal. It was then I just wanted to kick myself in the shins. What a “stereotypical” pathetic answer! What does that really mean? I can see mom in the apron making a roast beef, glasses of milk around the table and dad and his longneck brew by his side. How far from reality is that image?

September Newsletter

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