September 2014 Newsletter

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The Duh Decision

I made mention of this in my last edition of the newsletter. This, for me, is a basic precursor to eating, cooking and having an enjoyable culinary moment. Let me explain.

There are many colloquialisms in this world such as “When in Rome.” What is a colloquialism? It is not just a big word I found in the dictionary to make me sound more intelligent, or to appeal to a different circle of readers. I am happy writing for this group of readers. Now, back to the English lesson. A colloquialism is a word or phrase used in informal language in place of a formal name or reference. When using these phrases, you are trying to evoke a thought process or spur an action. As for “When in Rome,” it’s about what the majority of people are doing around you at a certain moment or place and, if it’s not dangerous or life threatening, saying “Why not?” and joining in.

September Newsletter

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