June Newsletter 2016

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Burnt Ends

There is something very special about the charred end cuts of a smoked brisket. Burnt ends are the misshapen pieces left after properly carving pristine, fatty slices with a deep bark and red smoke ring. The ends are generally left over and used for other things, like flavoring beans or morsels for the kitchen crew. These cuts of the brisket are, in many cases, disrespected and discarded-but now, they’re an art form for many a smoke house. There is a whole group of my associates who travel just to test the wares of the pit master by the quality of their burnt ends. If you don’t know the details, it sounds kind of creepy! So make sure you make a trip to KC and try some of the best burnt ends on the planet. Q39 is one of my favorites for burnt ends and other offerings from a BBQ champion. Also try Joe’s Kansas City and Woodyard Bar-B-Que. I have Franklin BBQ in Texas on my bucket list as well.

June Newsletter

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