June Newsletter 2015

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A Confession

I wanted to write about the retirement of Frank E. Lee from WXRT in Chicago and the influence of music and food. One part of my life is listening to music and cooking together; it is an amazing thing. When I moved back to Chicago after living in Florida for many years, WXRT played a big part of making me feel that I was home again. The day I drove into Chicago more than 15 years ago, Frank was on the radio and he made it a memorable drive up the Dan Ryan. God bless the “Leettes.” The music he played was the story of our lives. It wasn’t just the latest pop chart sensation; it was music with passion made by really artistic musicians. It created memories of that time and place in your life. Music is just like aromas of food, which have a way of bringing you back to a place and time, like a memorable meal in your mom’s kitchen. Songs can make you feel happy as well as stir a lot of emotions. When I cook, I must confess I love putting on headphones or turning up the surround sound. My music selection varies from a whole range of choices from ’80s Hip Hop, Punk, Ska, and Frank Sinatra to the ever-present Johnny Cash. If you have Pandora, you know what I’m talking about. Just like Kevin Bacon, it all comes back around somehow. Listening to great songs makes me focus on my inner creativity to get going in the kitchen. I must admit, most of the time I am also barefoot. However, admitting that I am a shoeless chef who listens to Chuck Berry crank out “Brown Eyed Hansom Man” while I roll out homemade ricotta gnocchi isn’t my confession.

June Newsletter 2015

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