January 2015 Newsletter

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It is the new year and we have begun the process of making our new year’s resolutions. Is this a way to renew our interest in ourselves and try to overcome all of the bad little things we did the year before? Some say it is our annual journey to reinvent ourselves. I, for one, have thought about this over the last few months and ended up with this question: How can you reinvent yourself each year if you don’t know who and what you are in the first place?

Is this a cynical attitude or just a realization of the truth? For years I have said I am going to take the Certified Master Chef (CMC) test. For those who think about the test or have put themselves in a position to consider the challenge, it is first and foremost a personal journey. It is not about the letters at the end of your name, but about the work and dedication you have put into your craft. It is about knowing you have the mental constitution and ability to use your hands and simple tools to cook at an extremely high level. I have never wanted to take the test to further my earning potential or to stick a set letters under someone’s nose. Why would you want to take a test which covers nearly 10 days, countless hours of preparation with little sleep and a substantial investment of your personal finances? I am not as fortunate as some candidates to have an employer’s sponsorship as I am basically sponsoring myself! The CMC test is about the challenge you have with your own mind and body. By showcasing a lifetime of learning, practice and commitment to a craft over a series of culinary subjects, you are taking part in a process that is supposed to prove beyond a doubt that you are a master culinary craftsman. There are other ways to do this, and plenty of other crafts that recognize its masters do so. This is not a critique of the process but of one part of this particular path. Self-actualization is a key part of understanding who you are. One of the recurring themes you hear from those who have taken the test and passed (whether the first time around or even the second), you need to develop a personal style. This is where I started to think about this annual process of writing goals and resolutions to become the better me.

January Newsletter

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