December 2014 Newsletter

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Which Came First, the Apple or the Fruit Cake?

I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to travel around the world and visit many countries. In several trips, including my last one to Germany and Luxembourg, that travel time has landed in the weeks leading up to Christmas. After seeing how other countries transition during the holidays, I think the rest of the world has an easier time going from fall into the holiday season. As soon as late November rolls around, non-Americans are right into the holiday spirit and already thinking about the ritual of gift giving. They don’t have Thanksgiving in the middle to throw them off. We’re kind of headed in that direction, though. Our mega retailers don’t even worry about the grand American Thanksgiving holiday anymore. They would start promoting Christmas in September if they could.

Our Thanksgiving has become a short push, normally focusing around two to three days for family and friends and sharing a meal. The holiday itself is based on the emotional history of sharing food from the harvest and giving thanks for what has been stored for the long winters. It is a great time of year and one of my favorite meals. Food plays a tremendous part of the day. It is usually a meal of overindulgence and excess designed for creating leftovers for a later time. Our Christmas dinners function in much the same way (though with less of an emphasis on turkey and stuffing). For other countries, however, food at Christmas means something almost entirely different. For many cultures food is symbolic and is given as a gift verses being just a ritual function of the day.

December Newsletter

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