The primary staff for re-opening dine in or other non-delivery/pick-up F&B services is to communicate to both customers and returning staff of your intentions are for re-opening whether immediately or when easement of business restrictions begins.

Create these three messages

What you are going do

Why you are doing it

How you are going to do it

The goal is to create a positive message with clear language on what you are doing to re-open your business and provide the best and safest customer experience you currently can and how you will adapt as things evolve. Secondly you need to ensure that you are creating the right environment for your staff, so they are they are not putting the personal health and prosperity at risk by coming back to work.

This communication strategy will become the core values of the Covid-19 Mitigation Plan and help you make the best decisions you can for both your customers and staff.

The numbers. Here is a study done by Dataessential on what customers  are thinking.  Remember this is only a 3 weeks old but numbers are still really revalant and insightful


            Social Media


            In-store Communication


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