Visiting Chef at GCI

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On Monday August 10th, Chef John Reed CEC, CCA owner of  Customized Culinary Solutions spent the day at the Goodwill Culinary Institute (GCI) located at Great Lakes Naval Base located north of Chicago. As part of the GCI’s Visiting Chefs Program, Chef Reed conducted two demonstrations and tastings for the students of the program. The subject was Taste and Flavor Development and focused on how student culinarians can learn to properly taste and develop a personal flavor palette. Goals included how we taste, flavor compounds, sources for sweet, sour, salt and bitter from both applied culinary techniques and proper selection of ingredients. Students spent the session learning how to identify specific flavors and how to properly balance the flavors to make recipes more appealing and authentic. Students also tasted many ethnic ingredients and condiments to understand the various levels of flavor that can be added through choosing the right seasonings.

The Goodwill Culinary Institute is supported by the ACF Windy City Professional Culinarians and is a recognized ACF Apprenticeship Program. Goodwill Industry South East Wisconsin is one of the nations largest chapter and is foodservice contract provider for Great lakes Naval Base, the official recruit entry point of the US Navy

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