The Food

The approach we take in developing recipes and any food program is based on the mastered fundamental principles of disciplined cooking and commitment to use the right ingredients for every plate of food you serve. From this approach food becomes approachable, clean, and attractive and above all tastes great.

We write menus and create food based on the things that matter the most:

  • Great food comes from passionate people
  • Un-complicated combination of ingredients where the individual flavors standout
  • Properly prepared foods that respect their unique ethic origin
  • Portion sizes that reflect an understanding of value, price and a healthy life style
  • Understanding of today’s economic reality of the cost of goods
  • Balancing “from scratch” with convenience and pre-prepared foods
  • Focusing on cooking an appropriate number of exceptional menu items extremely well
  • Consistency and the development of a signature menu items to drive sales
  • The desire of our clients to prepare the best food at the right price for their customers
  • Introducing natural and un-adulterer ingredients that are not overly processed
  • A decision to use locally grown, seasonal and sustainable ingredients