Culinary Expertise

Recipe and Menu Refresh

We conduct an extensive tasting and evaluation of all menu items in a controlled and focused environment with key members of the culinary and management team. We evaluate tastes, appearance, cooking methods, portion size, price perception, sales history and compatibility with the menu and relationship to concept. After doing so, a plan can be generated to re-fresh the menu, focus on the signature and customer favorites and eliminate the cost prohibited or wasteful items.

Recipes are the key to maintaining consistency, continually executing at a high level and be the cornerstone of accurate food cost control. We can develop and refine recipes, update menu descriptions, implement new production techniques, portion control and establish purchasing guidelines. In doing so efficiencies can be built it to the production and purchasing system to minimize labor, maximize yields, reduce waste and increase profitability.


Creative Catering and Event Menus

Catering has become a huge source for additional sales and marketplace opportunities. Customized Culinary Solutions can work with your sales and culinary teams to create exciting, practical and cutting-edge menus for your catering sales function.

Menus can be designed and presented in the following formats
• Seasonal Supplements
• Al a carte and Buffet Packages for Peak Sales Months
• Drop-off Catering Menus designed for Web-Based Ordering Systems
• Interactive Cooking Stations
• Themed Based Gala Menus
• Open House and Promotional Events
• Ethnic Cuisine Menus


Introducing Sustainable and Natural Ingredients

Today’s customers are more knowledgeable and curious about what is going into the food choices. They are just as concerned about the raw ingredients that they are eating. Consumers want to know the point of origin and how ingredients are produced and the impact on the environment as well as the local economy. We can analysis your ingredients and help you introduce local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients into your recipes. There are many choices as well as cost effective solutions to creating a natural approach to your menus.


Introduction to Ethnic Ingredients and Foods

As the globalization of our cuisine and culture spreads throughout the foodservice and hospitality industries, there is an ever increasing need for chefs, sales teams and operators to understand the intricacies of regional ingredients and presentations. We can provide training and education on ingredients, menus and service styles to properly implement these flavors into your food programming and menus.

We accomplish this through ingredient tastings, demonstrations and exposure to authentic items, equipment and techniques.


Culinary Research and Nutritional Information

When looking to grow there is a tremendous need to look outside your day to day routine and look at the competition or do some research into food and equipment.
We provide competition analysis and traditional recipe research and presentation

We also have the abilities to evaluate and set-up your menu for those businesses who are asking you to provide the nutritional information of your menu offerings