Simplify and Focus Your Menus for 2012

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One of the reoccurring themes that I see for 2012 is a trimming down of complex menus and simplified dishes. This is not a reinvention of the “comfort food” trend that always shows up on top 10 lists. This is the creating of great food that is made from seasonal ingredients using classical and trusted techniques in a reasonably priced format. The ideology behind the Gastro-Pub is on trend and has been the favorite of the chef for years. If chefs spend hours creating expensive masterpieces on a plate in their restaurants or at lavish events, why do we find them noshing on roasted bone marrow, artisan sausages and honest burgers after their shift? We like the purity in these dishes. The chef in the attached article articulates his feelings well in this article. 

This simplifying of menus/dishes should be taken seriously especially for the caterer. Simplified service, great food, reduced staffing and less rentals has been the cry of our customers over the last year. Why don’t you look at your menus and think “less is more”. Re-define your menus and think simple seasonal foods and great service. Like I wrote before. There is something thought provocative about  serving pub food at a wedding and social event. The real identity of the customer will really show through by writing a menu that is a reflection of the host and not succumbing to whats best for the masses. Not everyone in the world wants another slice of tenderloin and chicken combo. Think differently. Let us know your thoughts!

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