Our Team

Several years ago, Chef John Reed noticed that many there were drastic cuts in executive chef positions.  Because he had a unique set of skills, and the marketplace had a need for those skills, Chef John created Customized Culinary Solutions to help combat the lack of experience and skill in organizations.

And then it all started.  A client approached Chef John Reed about contracting him to help bring a software package to the Chicago market based on the amount of knowledge he had of the package and the culinary industry.  This client implemented the program with Chef John’s help after it had just lost its executive chef, including doing data entry and creating the initial operating procedures.

To stay ahead of the curve, Chef John began offering an affordable service for an on-call chef to focus on specific, as-needed projects such as menu writing, chef mentoring, project development, recipe ideation and more.  Since then, Chef John and company have been helping clients all over the country to vamp up their businesses and operations.

Customized Culinary Solutions is a small, privately-owned, Chicago-based organization.  We are insured, with a heavy web and social media presence.  We have worked with numerous businesses on such projects as menu creation, kitchen and off-premise operations and many other tasks that an executive chef might otherwise have done.  To these organizations, we are their culinary consultant, food manufacturing consultant, menu consultant, cooking consultant and more.