October Newsletter

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The Pickle Police

The “Pickle Police” questioned me whether combining Indian curry paste into my pickled shiso leaf kimchee was against the laws of pickle making? I replied, “Who said is wasn’t?” We are dipping insects into chocolate as a culinary statement and making IPA’s black; therefore, I am not regressing and have moved on from that issue. I have been experimenting with pickle-making techniques lately. I have been doing a lot of thinking about it as I enjoy some fermented malted beverages and aged libations.

I recently did a small demonstration on simple pickling techniques at the Talking Farm in the town where I live. They have been growing for only two years and just started producing enough lettuce, arugula, kale and a few other items to start selling to local restaurants in the area. The purpose of the farm is to educate the community on how and where their food comes from. Walking through the farm late in the season and seeing all of this produce still on the vine was very inspiring but got me thinking about something!

October Newsletter

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