October Newsletter 2016

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Oktoberfest and Birthday Wishes

Over the years, Oktoberfest has held a special feeling for me. No, it is not the crisp, malty amber lager drank by the liter! Yes, that is fun, but it’s more about my first experience really getting something for my birthday that was over the top. It became a story I tell year after year. It was being dragged to Munich on my birthday in the back of the chef’s car to experience Oktoberfest as best we could. Just thinking about it makes me smile about this act of hospitality.

Growing up, you have big dreams of getting that birthday gift-you know the one. “Mom, I really, really want it! Pleeeeeaaase!” But undoubtedly you never got it. However, after I left home in my early 20s and went to see the world via long hours and the underpaid avenue of a cook looking for a European stage, I found a home for a while in Switzerland and did my best to survive the language, the work, and the inevitable pressure of being the low man on the stick. For American chefs trying to become something in Europe in the late ’80s, there was a bit of challenge to say the least.

October Newsletter

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