October 2014 Newsletter

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My son Steven asked me what I wanted for my birthday dinner. He also asked me this question: If I could have something that I couldn’t resist, what would it be? I thought it would be an easy answer. It wasn’t.

I have experienced a lot of indulgent foods in my lifetime. Some chefs may have had more, but I think I have had a few really good ones. Having lived a chef’s life, I didn’t have a lot of money as a young chef and had to create food memories around treating myself to something special on a rare occasion. As I matured, I was able to afford a better lifestyle. However, after a few expensive and, in my mind, poorly spent dining experiences, I started to rely on myself to create those moments. The question of indulgence as it relates to eating was something I started to ponder again.

Recently this thought was reignited by an adjective that was being associated with a raw ingredient. The speaker was describing the mouth feel of fresh Burratta, the “in” cheese of the moment. It was described as “indulgent.” How does one single ingredient make something indulgent, or how can it be indulgent?It is somewhat personal, but in terms of building a dish there is definitely some thought behind it. There are a few ingredients which when combined can make a dish go from simple to indulgent. It is also one of those “duh” decisions when it happens. In contrary to social media or TV entertainment, indulgence isn’t about excess or cinematography creating the ever present “food porn.” It is about adding a few things to a dish or to your guest’s table that makes you want to go back, and wanting some more even though your brain says to stop. Indulgence is about making something so OMFG tasty that you can’t resist it.

October Newsletter

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