November 2014 Newsletter

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In preparing for a dinner several days ago, I went out shopping for barley. I tried three different stores and was having trouble finding some. Usually I find a box in the cereal or grains aisle, but only found some modified quick cooking stuff. Have we lost interest in cooking barley even though it is one of the earliest cultivated crops and still holds the #4 spot in crops grown worldwide? It has been used as part of our diet for centuries. I began wondering about why I couldn’t find it. Was I looking in the wrong place at the local store, or had this grain suddenly gone out of favor?

So I started to do some research and thinking about traditional applications and uses of barley. One obscure food memory in English culture is a barley-based beverage. So, to be clear, I am not going to discuss the use of malt in some of our favorite adult beverages. Instead I will reminisce about my childhood in England and the sport of tennis. I am not a tennis player, nor do I claim to be a fan, however there was always something ubiquitous about the tennis courts at Wimbledon that I will always remember. If you look at the benches and the space near the umpire’s chair, there are always bottles of Robison’s Barley Water.

November Newsletter

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