Minimize your catering menus.

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Fewer dishes on your menu done extremely well has always been a trade mark of great restaurants who flurish in good times and bad. As the economy as weeded out the operations with massive menus, smaller operations with clearly focused menu programs continue to succeed. Adding dishes to your menu just to get more customers can be very hazardous. If your menu is not focused on a theme or particular style you begin to create long term problems. When Tex-Mex cuisine started gaining popularity everyone jumped on the band wagon and quesadillas sprang up everywhere. Now they have become so common everyone thinks they need to have them just because. Break the mold and only have them on the menu if you can make them special and perfect everytime. If you don’t they can no longer give you competitive advantage.  Think aboutyour menus, do you need to have that manny items?

For caterers, extensive menus for your clients doesn’t make sense anymore. A printed menu is an illustration of what you are and your style. Most of the caterers in competitive markets are custom driven, so why have them. Develop a system where you build an open forum with the culinary team to function in that manner.  Smaller lists of seasonal of a la carte building blocks of proteins, side dishes etc that the sales team can build upon shows adapability and allows your team to sell proven menu items. Customized Culinary Solutions has developed a sales matrix program that allows for those situations. As described in the following article about smaller one dish eateries as a restaurant trend today, we all know they will the be wants of our catering clients next.

One-dish eateries: Simply delicious –

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