May Newsletter 2016

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I am known to write from my airplane seat as I travel, and I’ve just come back from the Carolinas. I pay attention to the news and heard about issues with the LGBT community and the controversy surrounding it. I am pretty open, but I think I am also almost always confused. This one has me stumped. So after spending a few days doing some investigating, I am curious why the Lardo, Guanciale, Bacon, and Traditional Curing communities are being attacked.

The Carolinas are known for their pork and pork processing, home of the original whole hog mentality. Places like The Pit in Raleigh, NC, hang on to deep tradition with godly loyalty and preach of a singular way to cook pork-whole on the pit. That group needs to control everything and amass the wealth associated with it. I think it is called the “grand old party” method of doing things. Some may call it the southern strategy of BBQ. It is selling a story of independence and the secular position of BBQ. It’s a rather simplistic point of view, if you ask me.

May Newsletter

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  1. Chef, this is a fascinating op-ed from you. I love the way you think.

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