May Newsletter 2015

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My Pantry

The word “pantry” and its meaning have evolved over time. Its origin was in medieval Europe as a place to store bread and the foods prepared alongside it. This could have been a cave with a constant temperature or a structure buried into the ground such as a cold cellar. Several generations back it morphed into an actual storage space within a large home or estate for items, such as preserved foods, cured meats, spices, plates, silver and service wares. This “space” in the modern home has gone through stages of necessity, removal, inclusion and now, resurgence. As food has become more important in our home and lives, kitchens are getting bigger and pantries are being added back into the design of the modern home.

In the professional kitchen, we have the luxury of a large cooler and a storage room, which allows the chef access to a wide range of ingredients and products to create dishes on the fly. Having several ingredients at one’s fingertips is great, but also a hindrance. The art of preservation, charcuterie and fermentation is all the rage again. Chefs are creative in finding ways to place things in every corner of the kitchen due to the reduction of restaurant footprints. Look around at some of the great chef-driven restaurants and see if you can spot the mason jars, hanging meats and pickle barrels. For me, the concept of the pantry is not a specific room but having an overall plan in place.

May Newsletter 2015

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