May 2014 Newsletter

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May 2014 Newsletter

“Hopping” into Spring

I started writing this newsletter for two reasons: first, my curiosity about the history of food and second, the way I could use that knowledge to be a better chef. I have been an avid reader and cookbook collector for most of my career. I think I have read more since completing my education than I did during my formative college years. As I read and learn things, I love to pass that on to my friends and clients through writing great menus, cooking for them and sharing my thoughts with you, my readers. So, what is all this leading to this month?

If you know me by now, you’ll know that some way, somehow, there will always be words or a reference back to beer. It is a something for which I have a great admiration and passion. As I have written before, Chicago is an emerging craft beer city. We have always had great food, and we now have a great collection of craft brewers producing artisan products that we are craving at an ever-increasing rate. Greg Hall and his Goose Island Beer Company slowly trained a new generation of brewers who are now serving up great beer at places like Piece, Revolution and Mickey Finn’s in Libertyville. Even the suburb of Evanston, which was a “dry” city until 1972, has Temperance Brewing Company as well as the first local distiller, FEW Spirits.

May Newsletter 2014

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