March Newsletter 2016

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Let’s Go For a Curry!

I was penning a story on the art of real drinking, not just slamming down a few watery, anemic beers in the back yard while moving the lawn. (I bet you’ve guessed by now that I am ready to get out and start working on my yard and cracking open my BBQ.) My story was going to be a well-versed examination of excellent cocktails, perfectly poured cask-conditioned ales or a fine wine dinner. As I was writing it, I started to contemplate what my body feels like after a few drinks. I am not getting any younger, and I need to be more restrained and think hard about the choices I make. However, one thing kept coming back-how I have always felt at the end of an enjoyable evening. I am always hungry.

Admit it-we all get the munchies after partaking in some adult pleasures. After one peaceful conversation with a bar owner and a pint of Adnams Broadside on trip to visit my mother in England, the whole bar couldn’t help but hear one particular, enlightened couple yell, “Let’s go for a curry!” In the UK, a take-away curry is the new stereotypical late-night-after-a-bender junk food. I was ready for one myself. I knew there had to be a hole-in-the-wall curry shop open late somewhere. I was on a mission. Of course, that part of the world has no streetlights, so I went home and ate a cold sandwich. Is the cry for mild butter chicken or hotter curries made with ghost peppers universal? Is the insanity of the heat a rite of passage or a wake-up call so you can make it home? The latest trendy dish is the Nashville Hot Chicken. Even the Colonel has it on the menu. Prince’s in Nashville is the gold standard-what all other versions are copied from. I plan to visit in April and experience the taste myself. I would love to be able to show up at closing time to see how many “chili heads” fired up on bourbon are taking the challenge.

March Newsletter

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