July Newsletter 2017

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When the air temperature is 109F in the morning, you approach the day a little differently. That is the case as I look out at the Saudi skyline from my hotel. Being in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan is an interesting food experience. Ramadan is a special time for the Muslim world. For a month, your eating schedule is completely turned around, as you must fast from sun up to sun down without drink or food. Then you enjoy a daily break-fast meal called the Iftar.

The Iftar is a communal event meant to be shared. The mood was described to me as more of a holiday with joy permeating the evening events. The day is quiet, ending at 4:00 PM, and the streets are quiet! At night, it is a completely different story. After 10, everyone goes out and the streets are packed. It kind of reminded me of going to the mall just before Christmas.

July Newsletter

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