July Newsletter 2015

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Culinary Independence

I am very moved by the events of last week. The thought that nearly 90 percent of Americans continue to have access to health insurance is wonderful news, but more important, is many of our friends and colleagues have the freedom to share their love for one another without shame. That is very powerful. I am not making this month’s newsletter a socio-political rant or stating a religious position or a platform for one’s personal belief. There is enough hate, passion and one-sided rhetoric from both ends in the social media dialogue. What I am going to say, however, is that through all of this, I still believe that we are a one human race and, whatever that looks like, we can still survive and be kind and thoughtful to one another. What does this have with a food newsletter? I am getting to that – relax – and go have a cold drink!

Once, I was asked my thoughts on all of this, which was at a young and vulnerable time in my life, and I reacted very passionately and somewhat off tilter. It caused some long-term effects in some of my personal relationships. I felt cornered and reacted badly as I was trying to justify everything that was happening in the world by having to pick a side. I thought about my life and experiences and how it shaped my beliefs in how I see other people around me. I know now that in order to really understand someone from the opposite side of the fence, you can’t be closed minded. This could be their culture, music, sports teams and what they eat. (Sorry Yankee fans, I’m not budging on that one.) My goal is to look into their world with a clear and open mind with no perceived notions of who they are. So, I have tried to do this through food for my family.

July Newsletter 2015

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