January Newsletter 2019

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One of my first memories of food was at a strip mall deli in my home town. I can’t remember the name, but I can see the location in my head; I think I only ate there once or twice. This memory goes back to the late ’60s or early ’70s. It is a memory of pickles and pastrami. One of the greatest triggers of memory are smells. Think bacon in the morning, apple pie, the smell of yeast and bread baking. However, this memory is more hinged on textures and flavors.

I remember a long strip mall restaurant, tables on one side and counter on the other, napkin holders the beguiled wrapped straws and salt shakers. But it is the memory of the steamed black-crusted brisket and moist, hand-carved nitrate red slices on a piece of rye bread with mustard and onions that stands out. Pickles were just sitting on the table with a basket of bread and wrapped crackers. I have been mesmerized by pastrami ever since. Steamed and sliced always. No lean slices for me-give me the deckle with that moist, succulent seam of fat running through the middle.

January Newsletter

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