Into the “Deep End” with the ACF

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I took the leap of faith in myself and put in an application to tryout for the ACF Culinary Team for 2012. In recent days there is much talk about canceling the team for the next Culinary Olympics and regrouping for 2016. I have mixed emotions. As a Local Chapter Board Member and acting  Treasurer, I see the financial side. What return on investment does this bring the organization outside the prestige of the team members and national pride? It is a small group of individuals who represent our nation in this culinary event. It is small group even for our organization of over 25,000 members. We represent only a small percentage of cooks and culinarians across the country who crank out great meals and cutting dishes on a daily basis. I spoke out to my local board and thought our monies would be better spent on promoting certification, continuing education and justifying our organization in a more significant position among the food world here in the United States. How many people in this country event know that there is an Olympics for cooking?

As a potential team member, I am also disappointed that this forum for our craft could be tabled so abruptly. What does this say about the future of organization? There has always been a  reverence and importance of culinary competitions as a vehicle for showcasing our passion and self-imposed discipline of our craft.  I am not fearful of putting myself on the line and having my peers critique my work. How many people can say that have represented our nation of great chefs in an international “pressure cooker” of an olympics. The winter games in Vancouver are upon us and who has not been mesmerized by men and women wielding brooms and launching weights down a sheet of ice for their country. Why can’t we get the same exposure to the nation of our trials, agony and excitement of cooking an amazing meal that at the time can be considered the finest in American Cuisine? We may not go because of lack of corporate sponsorships. If more people  knew of this of event which represents the best things that this nation can offer, I might be able to push my self to be the best chef I can be.

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