February Newsletter 2014

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The Perception of a Detox

I began this little project of drinking only juice for several days as way to figure out whether or not it would make any significant change in my body through cleaning/detoxing. I was a little skeptical that a 3-day regime could fix nearly 50 years of the American diet, and what I really mean by that is my own personal navigation of that diet. I have enjoyed plenty of smoked and salted meats, fermented beverages, distilled brown liquor and highly saturated animal fats in my time. Conversely, as a chef, I have spent many hours studying the principle of healthy cooking, figuring out what a proper portion size is and understanding the relationship between ingredients. However, the reality is that we live and die in the world of excess from butter, foie gras, pork belly and cream. These are all the things diners want when they go out to eat. Restaurant dining is and should be a luxury, and you should indulge when you occasionally partake. From a health benefit, these rich items are not the best. But, from an emotional perspective of the dining experience, they are exactly what I want to deliver to a guest.

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February Newsletter

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