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Chicago Style

What do you think of when you hear “Chicago Style”? I bet the first thought that comes to your mind is deep-dish pizza or a hot dog! That is the path that most people go down when it comes to food called “Chicago style.” The big, buttery crust of a deep-dish pizza where two slices are always enough. It’s a toss-up between Lou Malnati’s or Pequods for me. Or is it the Vienna Beef® hot dog with the salad on top and the bright green relish, hot peppers and that dash of celery salt, among other things (A big NO to Ketchup-you never put it on a Chicago hot dog. That’s even sacrilege in New England.)?

If truth be told, it is neither deep-dish or hot dogs. It is a sense of hospitality and taking care of others with the cooking and sharing of food. Chicago restaurateurs and chefs just happen to develop these dishes from the culture that grew up around their kitchens. The Chicago-style hot dog was a way to recognize the many cultures of vendors and market-goers around Maxwell street, as the story goes. It’s the kind of “go big or go home” mentality of cooks that define the Chicago style.

December Newsletter

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