December Newsletter 2015

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20 Minutes of Silence

As turkey season comes to an end, I start thinking about this month’s host of social events. The holidays are here, from the after work cocktail parties to get-togethers with the neighbors to the big family meal. This is a time for food, drink and fun. I love the whole idea of cooking great dishes for my friends and family. For me, this time year is not about the Black Friday Deals, the size of the box under the tree or even the pile of receipts on my desk trying to figure out how we are going to pay for them. It is about sharing my gift of cooking to those who mean the most to me. However, it can be a lot of work and I generally can’t wait for January 3rd. Think about it, all the extra time you put into the month. From the cook’s perspective, you work so hard for the 20 minutes of table silence when mouths are full and everyone is tucked into a plate of food. It can be pretty anticlimactic.

Do you ever really figure out how many hours you put into that special meal? The shopping, the late nights prepping, marinating, keeping the fire lit on the smoker at 3 a.m., the dishes and the last minute liquor store runs because the cook is out of beer! It’s crazy right? Welcome to my world. It’s also the life that professional chefs live for. It takes a certain type of person to put themselves into this chaos. It is a rare breed that enjoys the thought of diving into a cooler full of 30-40 whole turkeys, trays of tenderloins and cases of vegetables. It is the process that drives us. We want to grab a knife and start boning out birds, making stock, grinding trim to make sausages and making roulades. This takes days of planning and production all in the quest to satisfy our guests and put out that special meal that we think is the best thing they are ever going to eat. I know the cooks out there have all had the same thought, “Do you know how much time I put into making that smoked turkey breast, or how long that salami has been curing and you come along and eat that in about two minutes and not a peep of appreciation.”

December Newsletter

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