Culinary Decompression

Posted by on Apr 28, 2010 in ACF | 0 comments

After spending several months trying out for the Culinary Olympic Team, things have setteled down and I can decompress somewhat. What that means it’s time to start refocusing on my own journey towards my CMC certification.

This will include refining recipes, defining my style, countless practice sessions and challenging my self on a regular basis to produce the best food I can in a pressure situation.

With that I am going to take a CEC certification test this summer. I am already certified but feel this will accomplish many things.
1.) It will go towards my re-certification
2.) It will help achieve my goal of becoming a Approved Certification Evaluator (ACE) with the ACF
3.) It will force me to perform at a high level
4.) It will provide continual feedback and critique from my peers.

If this is winding down I done know what relaxing is. This will pass the time until the Olympics start to take shape. By the way I didn’t make the National Team but I will be part of a ACF Regional Team which I am very excited about.

My point is, continually push your self to be the best culinarian or what ever profession you are. It will pay off more that you know

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