Recipe and Menu Management

Recipe and menu management and related recipe and menu creation services are the bread and butter of all foodservice companies. Literally. Pump up your stale rolls with some rockin’ new recipes, ethnic food twists, sustainable and natural ingredient mixes and a whole lot more.

See what all the hype is about with the following Recipe and Menu Management services this culinary consultant can provide for you:

• Tired of all your old, flat recipes? New Recipe Development
• Looking to spice up your menu? Menu Refresh and New Menu Programming
• Do you want more information on how to cook what’s cookin’? New Business Concepts

New Recipe Development

Creating new recipes isn’t for everyone. Fortunately, we love what we do, and what we do includes recipe development.

New recipe development can include the following:

• Using sustainable and natural ingredients
• Cooking with ethnic ingredients and food
• Providing nutritional balance and documenting nutritional information for menu items

Using Sustainable and Natural Ingredients can be simple, if you are planning a sustainable menu. There are many factors to consider when planning a sustainable menu, and when you work with Customized Culinary Solutions, you get more than a sheet of paper with a set of directions on how to create a sustainable menu.

With the help of Chef John and team, here are some of the benefits of a sustainable menu:

• Satisfaction of clients’ curiosity when it comes to the need-to-know origins and production of your recipes’ raw ingredients
• Assessment of your impact on the environment
• Measure of your impact on local businesses
• Creation of a natural menu to appease eco-conscious customers
• Construction of cost-effective solutions to all of the above

Additionally, Customized Culinary Solutions has far-reaching relationships with partners that can provide even more detailed resolutions for your sustainable menu(s). Sticking to certifications and organization guidelines are no longer an issue.

Cooking with Ethnic Ingredients and Food can be exotic and unusual, but, somewhere in the world, those same dishes are seen as traditional. To properly use ethnic ingredients, you’ll want the expertise of an ethnic food consultant.

Over the years, Customized Culinary Solutions has been collecting real life experiences with traditional ethnic food, exposure to authentic items, equipment and techniques, demonstrations and ingredient tastings. Ethnic menu development and ethnic food programming are our two most popular ethnic ingredient and food requests, though we can cover a much bigger realm of services. Here’s a snapshot of what we at Customized Culinary Solutions can provide as your ethnic food consultant:

• Training in the use of ethnic ingredients
• Give education on how to best use ethnic ingredients
• Creation of ethnic menus and ethnic recipes
• Aid in sourcing ethnic ingredients
• Help you master ethnic food service styles

Providing nutritional balance and documenting nutritional information is standard with all our new recipe development. Not only do can be take care of that with recipes we create for you, but we can also do it for your existing recipes. Our culinary consultant and culinary researcher utilizes the following tools to give you a better outcome:

• Competition analysis
• With use of Technomic’s competition analysis, we help you create and implement strategies based on your competition
• Traditional recipe research
• Presentation research
• Evaluation of nutritional information for current menus (uses these methods to provide new menus or manage recipes)

Using the above tools, we deliver:

• Nutritional labeling
• Nutritional calculations
• Recipe database management
• Strategy steps and implementation

Menu Refresh

Recipe and Menu Refresh takes your current culinary output and amplifies it. This method is designed to shake up your status quo by focusing on signature items and customer favorites and taking those concepts and recipes to ultimate heights. The goal is to maintain a consistent, high-level of food all over your menu(s) through updated menu recipes and tough recipe management.

Customized Culinary Solutions’ Chef John is more than a culinary consultant; he is also a food cost control professional. On top of putting your customers in a contented food haze, a Recipe and Menu Refresh will:

• Eliminate wasteful costs
• Control portion sizes
• Establish purchase guidelines
• Create efficiency
• Minimize labor
• Maximize yields
• Increase profitability

Here’s how it works:

Together, we will sit down to an extensive tasting of all of your menu items, assess them and with key members of your culinary and management team, give them the kick they need to start flying off the menu pages.

Among the ingredient boosts to your recipes, your dishes will also get makeovers in presentation, taste, appearance, cooking method and portion size. Then, we’ll go from jump-starting your basic recipes to beyond, working with your staff on price perception, sales history, compatibility with menu design and concepts. Final steps in Recipe and Menu Refreshes include updated menu descriptions to inform your customers of the TLC their favorite dishes just received.

We provide menu refreshes for the following:

• Drop-off or off-premise corporate caterers
• Grab-and-go caterers
• Special events and seasonal menu supplements

New Business Concepts

A menu consultant elevates your catering division from humdrum to smoking hot, and a really good one will take your catering division from smoking hot to smoldering. Customized Culinary Solutions will trigger the flames by developing a catering menu and/or developing a special events menu until your catering division explodes with flavor.

Start cooking over that fire with new business concepts with CCS’ professional menu creation and more.

Here’s a look at some of the menu concepts that culinary consultant Chef John and company can help you perfect:

• Seasonal supplements
• A la carte and buffet packages for peak sales months
• Drop-off catering menus for web-based ordering systems
• Interactive cooking stations
• Themed-based gala menus
• Open house and promotional events menus
• Ethnic cuisine menus
• Menu programs for brokers
• Menu ideation concepts for incorporating ingredients to showcase a specific product

In additional, Customized Culinary Solutions provides consulting in the following ways:

• Station Design
• Foodservice contracts
• Food Courts
• Concepts
• New restaurant openings

When it comes to menu and culinary consulting, Customized Culinary Solutions gives you the full treatment. Not only will we work with your culinary staff on how to best prepare each item, but we will also work with your sales force to educate them on how best to sell your blazing new menu(s). Whether your sales force works best through culinary training workshops, individual sessions or something in between, CCS will give your staff the knowledge and understanding from a culinary perspective that will help them get out into the market and sell with efficiency and confidence.