Culinary Training

Culinary training gives your operation the skills and mentality needed to rally your organization and clobber the competition. It builds confidence and proficiency in the kitchen, and also educates and informs your entire staff so they can be knowledgeable in selling your products.

The great thing about culinary training is that it comes in many forms, all customizable for your organization to excel in the areas in which you need to excel in most.

•Want to give your whole organization a bump? Culinary Workshops
•Have you been craving special skills in the kitchen? Specialized Culinary Techniques
•Longing to give your sales and service teams some distinctive culinary training? Culinary Training for Sales and Service Teams
•Do you have the perfect candidate for chef mentoring or executive chef training? Chef Mentoring and Executive Chef Training
•Are you interested in improving culinary operations? Culinary Operations
•Are you an off-premise caterer in need of some systemization? Off-Premise Catering Systems Implementation
•>Want help with purchasing and production? Purchasing and Production Systems
•Tired of winging it? Kitchen Manual and Operational Documentation

Culinary Workshops


Culinary training can be the deciding factor in whether your organization will catch fire or freeze over. There are so many different elements to training and working with culinary trainers can be overwhelming. Customized Culinary Solutions offers culinary workshops and training sessions created unique for your staff that clearly outlines the lessons and goals before jumping in to maximize retention.

Culinary educator Chef John has worked for both John & Wales and College of DuPage teaching students these very same skills and techniques. You would get first-class culinary training from an experienced teacher and culinary professional.

Our workshops can include:

• Kitchen sanitation
• Knife skills
• Plating techniques and presentation
• Stocks and sauces
• Station dynamics
• Sandwich and soup workshops
• Basic butchery and meat fabrication

Specialized Culinary Techniques


When you’re hungry for more specialized techniques and skills, we develop specialized programs to work directly with your chefs and key staff in your kitchen and offer a focus on a hands-on practical approach to teaching.

These programs can include:

• Off-premise catering operations
• Flavor development techniques
• The creative process in action
• Recipe development and implementation
• Kitchen manager training on use of form, systems, processes and operational efficiencies

Culinary Training for Sales and Service Teams


Sales and service staff are the “face” of your organization. If they aren’t confident in—and knowledgeable of—what your culinary staff creates, then they can’t promote your high quality and excellence in the way they should. Think of your company as a team and rock your business together.

Customized Culinary Solutions offers short workshops to teach your sales staff how to think like chefs and choose cost-effective, creative and operationally successful menus. By bridging this culinary gap, your entire team will rock to the same beat as a unified and focused team.

Our workshops can include:

• Operational excellence through leadership
• Taste and flavor workshop
• Menu design from classical to modern
• Menu innovation and creativity

Chef Mentoring and Executive Chef Training


Chef mentoring is an important part of any chefs’ career. Customized Culinary Solutions provides chefs of all levels with direct access to Chef John Reed, certified Executive Chef, Approved Certification Evaluator and Culinary Educator. With his industry knowledge, skill and teaching abilities, you can accomplish the following and more:

• Certification in the ACF
• Evaluation in potential candidates through facilitated tastings
• Career placement and advancement
• Skill development

Culinary Operations


A chef is only as good as his kitchen and operations. Culinary operations are a huge part of any successful kitchen. It can mean the difference between a bombshell and a blunder. When your culinary operations are operating lean and mean, you have control over costs, portions, pricing, the bottom line and so much more.

Improve culinary operations with a culinary consultant that knows the food industry. Customized Culinary Solutions gets even with culinary operations is the following ways.

Off-Premise Catering Systems Implementation


Off-premise catering, drop-off catering, corporate catering and grab-and-go catering all require some sort of system or program to run slick and easy. CCS helps design those systems and programs and then takes it a step further by implementing them. This can expand your revenue potential and help reduce chaos in the kitchen.

Purchasing and Production Systems


One large part of running any food service business is purchasing and supply chain management. Do you have the right specifications to control this part of your business? Are you purchasing from the right purveyor? Are you choosing the best product for the items on your menu?
This is a tricky part of the industry and can be difficult for many to undertake, especially without any training. Learn how to rock at this part of your business, or contract this difficult task to someone who can rock it for you. Customized Culinary Solutions can review your purchasing history and costs to create ingredient specifications, production/waste controls and ordering guidelines suited to your kitchen structure.

Kitchen Manuals and Operational Documentation


Years of experience in diversified food service fields has given CCS the knowledge and skills to design and develop a hefty amount of manuals and documentation. For example, most kitchens require Standard Operating Procedures, Job Descriptions, Standards, Quality Assurance Plans, Operational Forms, Employee Manuals and a load of other written directions and documents.

CCS can take this burden away from you and your organization, shake it up, and deliver it to you as a professional set of manuals and documentation for your kitchen.