Business Development

Business development services are tools and training to propel your organization forward. They take culinary consulting to a higher standard and jumpstart growth for your business.

Food development consulting, hospitality consulting and culinary consulting all live and breathe within business development. Gaining momentum in these areas will hurdle your business ahead, clashing your competitors with methods, techniques and differentiators.

Customized Culinary Solutions goes inside your business to do an operational report, digesting your strengths and weaknesses, highlight where you currently excel and where you can excel in the future. We offer both long-term and short-term planning and then execute those plans for you.

Here is a list of our business development services:


New Services such as Catering and Corporate Dining

When partnering with an organization, there are so many things of which you should be aware, take into consideration and evaluate before making a commitment. CCS can help you play the field by doing your homework for you, making this process much less overwhelming.

We help you by:

• Documenting goals and expectations
• Pre-qualifying candidates
• Developing and issuing the RFP
• Analyzing the proposals
• Moderating oral presentations and site visits
• Negotiating business terms
• Monitoring performance and supervising openings

One of the benefits of working with CCS on business development is that we’ve shaped numerous industry-recognized corporate catering services such as in-house food courts, conference catering services, employee dining and express dining programs. Let’s maximize the results of your Request for Proposals (RFP) process through long-term relationships so you can take your corporate dining and catering service to the top.

Our services to you include preparing and presenting Requests for Proposals for:

• Contracted dining services
• Healthy eating programs
• Off-premise catering
• Drop-off corporate catering
• Grab-n-go concession catering

Sales Proposal Presentations and Tastings

When you partner with CCS, we will grow your business by complimenting your sales process with a blaze of style. Blow away potential customers with your ideas and culinary programs and boost your sales with sales presentation and tasting instruction.

Tradeshow and Product Demonstrator


If you need expert chefs to set-up and work trade shows, and to help network at events such as food booths, tastings and sampling, partnering with CCS also gets your our expert chefs to wow at these events. Whether you need simple services such as demonstrators to complete live menu expositions or larger services such as days of trade show networking, CCS rocks with your needs specifically with a culinary tradeshow professional.

Facilities Design

Sometimes it’s the very design of a kitchen or facility that is holding a foodservice organization back from achieving something very special. A kitchen or facilities has to have order, logic and make practical sense. Otherwise, your productivity goes way down, and so does your sales potential and revenue.

Customized Culinary Solutions is skilled in:
• Recommending equipment specifications based on concept of renovation
• Providing design services for kitchen spaces and more
• Developing kitchen based on existing equipment and kitchen plans

We are also affiliated with Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI), through which we have many connections and expertise that can benefit your facility.

Off-Premise Catering Software Management


Additionally, off-premise caterers have stunning technology to support their operations efficiently. Customized Culinary Solutions has experience and expertise in web-based catering management software systems, so for all the off-premise caterers that want to get on top of the latest ways to operate efficiently, we’d like to help.

Here is what we can do for off-premise caterers:

• Introduce you to various suppliers
• Get timely set-up and implementation
• Change your management and operational systems to heighten the software’s impact
• Optimize software features and capabilities

Some of the programs in which we are skilled include:

• Cheftec
• CaterXpert
• Caterease
• Synergy