Computerized Documentation and Recipe Management

Give your chefs a break; they’d rather be cooking up something than sitting at a computer.  We can clean house on recipe management and deliver you an automated system that will make your lives and your chefs’ lives so much more productive.

Recipe management is a daunting task that many might not have the time or knowledge to efficiently carry out.  Computerized recipe management is one of the least used technical advancements in the kitchen.  Strike that statistic and get more efficient by using computerized management systems for your entire operation.

Our staff manages recipes on computer programs for maximum efficiency and ease.  We have working knowledge of the latest recipe management software applications that will suit you and your business, so even if you’re not yet utilizing this great advancement in technology, we can help.  In addition, we are skilled in menu writing software.

What we can research, evaluate and implement specifically for you:

  • Computerized recipe management system
  • Back-office system
  • Inventory system
  • POS (point of sales) system
  • Deliverables

When CCS provides you with computerized documentation and recipe management, you will consistently receive deliverables, such as documentation, manuals, electronic forms, printed menus and recipes and more without having to worry about management!