Craft brews and local foods are popular in Britain

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For years I have been the brunt of many a joke about the quality of food and dining in England. I am glad there are people recognizing the fact that without the change in food quality and expectations by the young chefs, farmers and producers of England we would not have the gastropub. If you look at the last rash of restaurant openings in Chicago, how many have been based on a English Pub.

I love the creativity associated with the Gastopub. Great beer home made sausages and a casusal environment, what better way to spend the evening out enjoying a meal. I will toast a pint of real ale in their honor.

PS Try the Cask Conditioned Real Ale from Two Brothers Brewery available (sometimes) at Brick House Restaurant in Skokie or a Pint of Mild from Revolution Brewing on North Milwaukee in Chicago. Both true beer drink experiences. So when thinking about your beer menu in your establishment, think real, think local not how cold the the cooler needs to be to turn the lable blue on your bottle.

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