We have been working with Chef John Reed since June, 2011.  One of our objectives was to grow the Cooking line of equipment, and we needed to partner with a professional Chef to drive this initiative as we had the internal experience with equipment and certain products but not the expertise required to cook a variety of products on our grills beyond hamburgers.

Chef Reed understood our goals and objectives immediately after our first meeting.  He drafted a proposal that was right on target and allowed us to plan properly to quickly expand our ability to cook a variety of products.  Chef Reed has brought a vast amount of education to our entire organization.  By quickly gaining a strong understanding of the equipment operation, Chef Reed began by teaching our sales group about food products, cooking techniques and presentation.  In addition he demonstrated the cooking qualities of our equipment at our largest tradeshow and provided guidance on establishing a culinary kitchen to help us strengthen our ability to demonstrate our equipment to customers in a more professional environment.

We are now on track to begin building a culinary kitchen.  We also plan to work with him in future tradeshows and customer demonstrations and have immediate plans to develop a video with Chef Reed cooking a variety of products to educate our Distributor sales organization!

Debbie Sweger

Product Manager for Cooking Equipment, Taylor

A division of Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, Inc.


Lactalis has been working with Customized Culinary Solutions (CCS) for over four years, during which their services have been an invaluable tool to our marketing efforts.

Initially, we contacted Chef John Reed to be part of our Advisory Board for his expertise and unique status in the culinary world.  We ended up contracting an outside organization (CCS) to gain access to industry professional opinions and expertise, of which CCS has been tremendous value.  Customized Culinary Solutions’ perspective on customer needs, product uses and usefulness, as well as operational efficiencies has guided many of our important decisions.

Among the services we’ve received, CCS has provided culinary expertise, recipe development and product review.  Now, our recipes are truly creative, very easy to implement and 100 percent on trend.  CCS also has tremendous understanding of our products and company goals.  They provided insight into our needs and have given us the proper tools and solutions with every deadline.  Many of those solutions are still in use by our operators and sales force even today, and we still use recipes created by Chef Reed at nearly every food show we attend!

Thanks to CCS, there are many more doors—previous closed—that are wide open to us.  Chef Reed’s stature and industry relationships have given us the visibility we needed.  Because of this and much more, we will continue to do business with CCS, as they are a valuable recourse to our organization.  I would encourage any potential clients to contact me for further testimonial!

Warren Katz

Corporate Chef, Lacatlis





I have worked with Chef John Reed for a year and a half as a volunteer with Curt’s Cafe.  Chef Reed volunteers his time to help make our Cafe, which trains youth ex-offenders in food service and life skills, a success for our youth and our community.

I initially contacted Customized Culinary Solutions because of Chef Reeds experience and professionalism.  I was looking for an organization outside of our own services because our corporate vision was unique and we needed someone that was innovative and forward thinking to support our success.

Mentoring with new menu design and implementation of menu are only two of the services provided to our organization.  As a nonprofit organization and an organization with unique financial restrictions we have very specific needs and CCS immediately understood our goals and challenges.  From the very beginning of our relationship we have been amazed with the products we are able to produce with Chef Reeds guidance.  Our timeframe was respected and our initial project was completed ahead of schedule with the continuing needs being constantly monitored and supported.

To date, two months after opening, we are already achieving half of our sales goals – which is very unusual for a start up cafe.  We have provided professional mentoring for our at-risk student base and with the support of CCS have been recognized in many magazines and newspapers.

I highly recommend the work of CCS because they are consistently prompt, professional and efficient and know the industry inside and out.  They also have contacts in many different types of food service facilities so they are able to get information quickly and follow up on requests in a very timely fashion.

If you have questions or would like further information please feel free to contact me.


Susan Garcia Trieschmann

Executive Director, Curts Café





I have been working with Customized Culinary Solutions for three years on a consulting basis and the impact they have made on my business is incredible.  Rarely do you find a consultant or consulting company that has this complete knowledge of the industry as well as the skill set to make the changes so impactful.

Customized Culinary Solutions has a reputation to get the job done.  They are connected with everyone in the food industry all over the country as world, and as a result, they are well-respected in both the local and national food industry.

Tasty Catering’s business has grown over the last three years, and I am convinced that CCS’s work and vision played a major part. Chef John has immersed himself with the entire Team and gained everyone’s respect. This has enabled him to make thorough and lasting changes that benefit the entire company and our clients. It would be increasingly difficult to replace CCS with any other consultant; therefore, the money I spend with Custom Culinary Solutions is a worthy investment.

Lawrence D Walter

COO, Tasty Catering




Customized Culinary Solutions has been working in conjunction with Calihan Catering, Inc for the last 3 years.  John and his team have provided us with an encyclopedic knowledge of kitchen management and culinary execution and expertise.

Calihan came to work with CCS during a time of transition and expansion.  Calihan was in the midst of an Executive Chef search and needed immediate help at a high level of execution to fill in the holes.  CCS was able to fill that gap and allow the day to day operation to continue while we searched.  CCS was able to integrate into our current work flow and still provide the management team critical critique of what was happening in order to make better decisions both short and long term.

CCS was able to help us on board and execute a corporate client request for healthy choices lunch options by providing ingredients and portion-controlled programs with calories for the client.  This was a great asset to the client who was facing push back from their employees for healthier options during lunch service.

CCS was a tremendous asset during it period working with Calihan.  All deadlines and timelines were met and potential issues were warned of before they arose.  Each week we received status updates, suggestions and solutions that provided management team with the insight they where looking for.  CCS is my “go to” solution when trying to integrate new workflows or solutions in to a functioning kitchen without losing any production time.

Nash Calihan

Director of Operations, Calihan Catering




I have had the pleasure of working with John Reed for over 10 years.  He served as our Executive and then Corporate Chef before he found success with his own company and as a member of the US Culinary Olympic team.  With our organization, Chef Reed provided the creative menu generation and resulting recipe development for some of [Chicago’s] highest profile social and corporate events.

We would not hesitate to contact Customized Culinary Solutions again in the future or recommend the services for any job large or small.  Hotel, restaurant, catering or manufacturing firms would benefit from his insight and help.  The ROI when working with Chef Reed is off the charts.  As a chef he brings the rare combination of technological, organizational, culinary, and customer service skills to the table, allowing the working experience to rival the results.

Chef Reed’s ability to ask questions that clearly outline the goals of both our own and our clients is uncanny.  His deep understanding of a myriad of cuisines combined with his technical and operational expertise allow him to help clients understand needs that they didn’t know were important prior to meeting with him

Chef Reed worked with us to leverage our talents and push the team to achieve results they thought were not possible.  His selfless approach to business makes him a teacher and trusted business advisor rather than a consultant.   Customized Culinary Solutions is truly the perfect name for his company.

John Rudy

VP Catering, Food for Thought Enterprises