Food and Food Equipment Manufacturers

Our food and food equipment managers are the big guns.  Their organizations typically have $100 million or more in yearly revenue.  Often, they are multinational organizations that are culinary-focused and specialize in foodservice only.  Interested organizations strive to be seen as leaders in their particular segment and have budgeted dollars for culinary functions, such as kitchen, staff and contracted services.

Food and food equipment managers are looking for someone to rock the cradle.  They want a cost-effective, on-call, culinary-focused culinary consultant(s) with the ability to travel to different locations and revolutionize their workforce.  Among those things, food and food equipment managers are looking for someone that understands the scope of their work quickly, and who can also provide a knowledgeable, outside perspective.

How can CCS help food and food equipment managers?  We give them extensive culinary knowledge while focusing on their particular product(s) and/or service(s).  We give our clients a detailed scope of work with outlined deliverables.  And we give them hot, on-trend, cutting edge ideas specific to their organization.  Just ask Lactalis Foodservice US and Taylor or watch Chef John Reed in action at NAFEM 2013.