Business and Institution (B&I) Dining

Our institutions and organizations are independent establishments that provide foodservice for their employees, students, staff, etc. They are self-operators or firms with contracted foodservice providers that are looking to improve, suspend or renew a provider or contract.

Institutions and organizations are looking for someone to knock out menu development, B&I foodservice, project management, Q&A inspections, operation reporting and more. They want a culinary expert with established networks of additional service providers such as merchandisers, vendors, suppliers, marketers and designers.

How can CCS help institutions and organizations? We’re a small company with personalized service specific to our customers, not a “Big Three” company managed by a corporate office. We’re not here to pour some sugar on it, and we’re not just a bunch of suits or false advertisers. What we say we do we’ve already done, and we will use our local connections to serve you, just like we did for Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago or any of our other clients.