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Farm to Table Menus

Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Consulting, Food, Menu Development, News | 0 comments

Here is a great article form the CIA discussing how to incorporate the Farm to Table movement in your establishments. You can start small and work this into your daily menus. It take time and if you need help look to the resources around you for support.

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Chef Nemo Bolin talks seasonal restaurant Cook & Brown Public House

Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Catering, Consulting, Food, Menu Development | 0 comments

My favorit kind of story. This is how we should think about menus. This thought process of taking what is infront of us and creating a fabulous meal with soilid techniques and that relies on the natural beauty  of the ingredient is the awesome. This type of thinking is how need to change our ways in catering. Trusting our culinary team to prepare food on the day of the event is the key. Setting a menu 8 months out and hoping it will be the same is becoming harder for caterers who want to cook from the market. So take a read and think how you can change your sales perspective and process....

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Chefs, consumers embrace seafood charcuterie

Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in Culinary Techniques, Food, Menu Development, News | 0 comments

Just another way American Chef’s are pushing themselves to master traditional techniques with American ingredients and creative spirit. It is these kinds of trends that get me excited about the possibilties of modern cuisine. It is about great ingredients and applying the right technique to make a great dish. Molecular manipulation is dead in most circles. A great pate and real bread what can go wrong with that.  What do you think? Chefs, consumers embrace seafood charcuterie | Nation’s Restaurant...

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What Does An Action Station Really Mean?

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I have been asked many times to write menus where a client wants an action station. My question is always, what kind of action are you looking for? I get answers from “I want excitement”, “It would be fun to have a chef making something to order” and “I want something different”. Is there anything really different in any of these answers. These are basically calling signs for bringing a interactive experience of guests to the service staff and culinary team. In other words more of a dining expereince found in a restaurant verses a scripted planned meal...

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