Is Slow Food Missing Something?

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I am a follower of Slow Food  because I believe the principles are sound and I have always believed that our future is only as relevant as our past. Slow Food’s doctrine is to “preserve the cultural cuisine and the associated food plants and seeds, domestic animals and farming within an eco region”. I look at the past and study why things were done and certain way. Regional cuisines, customs and locally produced ingredients evolved and grew from the needs of the people and the resources of that particular plot of ground on our planet where they lived.  In the last few...

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I really enjoy the taste of a chilled apple lambric  in the evening after a long day of work during the summer months. I thought  I would figure out why I like this so much and share my findings with you. My favorite has been one produced by Brouweru Lindemans from Vlenzenbeek Beligium.  The brewery began brewing beer back in 1811  in a small Flemish town southwest of  Brussels.  Their lambrics were the  first to be imported into the US in 1979.  They are most wildly know for lambrics but as for wine not all the lambrics they produce are the same. In Belgium many now have the...

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