December Newsletter 2016

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Ball and Chain While walking back from the gym the other day, I was inspired by the colors of the trees, the low light and the feeling of the late autumn dusk. I began to think about the season-and of course the food I wanted to cook. I was interrupted by another coffee pitch on my music service (I am too cheap to pay for the commercial-free service). It was about everyone’s favorite pumpkin spiced this or that and other contrived flavors to make you feel in the season. I generally let these sorts of things pass me by until the next song...

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November Newsletter 2016

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Grytts The word Grytts is an Old English word translated as “coarse meal” derived from the removing of the bran or chaff of grains. Chaff is a word that those who have spent time around the farm know-it’s the dried outer casing of wheat or corn after the kernel has been removed by threshing. Driving around the farmlands this time of year, you see the combine harvesters in the fields, streams of wheat and field corn being transferred to trucks to be processed into the various commodities we use on a daily basis. Did you notice...

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October Newsletter 2016

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Oktoberfest and Birthday Wishes Over the years, Oktoberfest has held a special feeling for me. No, it is not the crisp, malty amber lager drank by the liter! Yes, that is fun, but it’s more about my first experience really getting something for my birthday that was over the top. It became a story I tell year after year. It was being dragged to Munich on my birthday in the back of the chef’s car to experience Oktoberfest as best we could. Just thinking about it makes me smile about this act of hospitality. Growing up, you have big...

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September Newsletter 2016

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The Taproom I am proud to say that the craft beer business has done something that I thought would never come back in style. They have brought back the true meaning and experience of a “local.” I am not talking about chocolate imperial stout or a funky limited-edition DIPA. I mean the taproom! The path I took to getting my Cicerone Certification took me on a winding trail of experiences, but it didn’t just start a couple years ago during a mid-life crisis, when I had to figure out where to go after competing with Culinary...

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August Newsletter 2016

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Enjoy the Monotony It has been said many times that the “devil is in the details.” The success of anything can be destroyed if the details are lost or not performed correctly. Many argue that not focusing on details prevents you from achieving perfection. Whatever you do, mastering the little mundane tasks can be the difference defining your own personal perfection. Whatever you think perfect is, it has to be learned over time and with lots of similar experiences. This is where the monotony sets in! As a chef and weekend BBQ...

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July Newsletter 2016

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Chips, Chips and More Chips I am over the mediocrity! Do any of you remember the early days of Monty Python’s Flying Circus television shows? (Yes, the ones my parents wouldn’t let me watch.) I always sneaked out and watched it anyway. There was this great skit in a typical English café where a couple was trying to order their Full Monty. The wife became agitated and screamed, “I don’t like Spam!” because everything had Spam on it. The husband ordered something like Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Eggs, Chips and...

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June Newsletter 2016

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Burnt Ends There is something very special about the charred end cuts of a smoked brisket. Burnt ends are the misshapen pieces left after properly carving pristine, fatty slices with a deep bark and red smoke ring. The ends are generally left over and used for other things, like flavoring beans or morsels for the kitchen crew. These cuts of the brisket are, in many cases, disrespected and discarded-but now, they’re an art form for many a smoke house. There is a whole group of my associates who travel just to test the wares of the pit...

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Dine Around – NRA Edition

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Check out the NRA Special Edition of Dine Around. In this issue: Italian Seafood Latin Ethnic Mashups Single-Spirit Bars Share this:PrintEmailPin ItTwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreStumbleUponRedditGoogle

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May Newsletter 2016

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LGBT I am known to write from my airplane seat as I travel, and I’ve just come back from the Carolinas. I pay attention to the news and heard about issues with the LGBT community and the controversy surrounding it. I am pretty open, but I think I am also almost always confused. This one has me stumped. So after spending a few days doing some investigating, I am curious why the Lardo, Guanciale, Bacon, and Traditional Curing communities are being attacked. The Carolinas are known for their pork and pork processing, home of the original...

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April Newsletter 2016

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A Trip, a Cocktail and a Grain of Rice One of the greatest treasures I have is my chef’s jacket-but not in the literal context of a double-breasted white jacket with long sleeves. Being a chef is about your ability to connect with people, because chefs have a unique core. A chef always has his coat. It is a state of mind. Putting on the coat, whether it is the traditional white jacket or a custom t-shirt and cool apron, is about learning and sharing. I have always believed that the greatest skill a chef has is sharing things with...

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