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February Newsletter 2019

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Offal Yes, to some, the word offal is awful; the mere thought of pig’s feet, livers, kidneys, sweetbreads-you know, the ugly bits-is really off-putting. I bet you know by the way this is going that I love the stuff (to a point)! There are some edible parts of commodity livestock, poultry and seafood that I am not really going to go out of my way to freely digest. If and when I am travelling, I may be presented a chef’s special dish, and then of course I am going to partake. I think it is a part of the chef’s honor code and duty of the chef’s coat to never say no. I also think it is a...

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January Newsletter 2019

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Pastrami One of my first memories of food was at a strip mall deli in my home town. I can’t remember the name, but I can see the location in my head; I think I only ate there once or twice. This memory goes back to the late ’60s or early ’70s. It is a memory of pickles and pastrami. One of the greatest triggers of memory are smells. Think bacon in the morning, apple pie, the smell of yeast and bread baking. However, this memory is more hinged on textures and flavors. I remember a long strip mall restaurant, tables on one side and counter on the other, napkin holders the beguiled wrapped...

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December Newsletter 2018

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Chicago Style What do you think of when you hear “Chicago Style”? I bet the first thought that comes to your mind is deep-dish pizza or a hot dog! That is the path that most people go down when it comes to food called “Chicago style.” The big, buttery crust of a deep-dish pizza where two slices are always enough. It’s a toss-up between Lou Malnati’s or Pequods for me. Or is it the Vienna Beef® hot dog with the salad on top and the bright green relish, hot peppers and that dash of celery salt, among other things (A big NO to Ketchup-you never put it on a...

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November Newsletter 2018

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The Cookbook Looking around my office and home, I know I am always within arm’s reach of a cookbook or culinary reference of some kind. I have amassed quite a few books over the years, from first editions of the chefs of today to copies of books from a different time, of which I find particularly of interest. There are plenty of other ways to find information. I know all of you have looked on the internet for a recipe or fact about something. This process of looking at the “now” has one flaw-it is now, and you have no reference regarding its strength as a source. That...

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October Newsletter 2018

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“What’s in a Bowl of Soup” Moments of contentment come to you in the strangest ways. Seeing your children succeed in school and sports, enjoying the time you have with your family at the table or just watching the changing hues of the fall sun setting low in the sky. It can all put you in a great mood, feeling good about that unique time and place. That little capsule of your life, of relaxation and feeling satisfied, is what we all long for. However, life can get in the way, and then you are instantly back to the realities of the rest of your day. Moments are fleeting;...

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