August Newsletter 2016

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Enjoy the Monotony

It has been said many times that the “devil is in the details.” The success of anything can be destroyed if the details are lost or not performed correctly. Many argue that not focusing on details prevents you from achieving perfection. Whatever you do, mastering the little mundane tasks can be the difference defining your own personal perfection. Whatever you think perfect is, it has to be learned over time and with lots of similar experiences. This is where the monotony sets in!

As a chef and weekend BBQ master, I know that it is in the monotony of repetition of a single task over and over that you learn your ideas, your palate and the realization of whatever level of culinary perfection you desire. You can’t just think that if you smoke a brisket once, you know how to properly tend a fire, season and slice! I have spent many years in the kitchen and learned many skills from the simple to the very complex. These experiences have defined who I have become and how I think about food. Looking back, the experiences that have influenced me the most have been those around repetitive, mundane prep. Prep work is generally delegated to the apprentices, interns and more than likely many a dishwasher who has time on his hands between services. This was the tradition of the classical kitchen. You learned through monotonous tasks. Remember-a sushi chef in Japan may spend three years just cooking rice. Don’t expect to a hit a golf ball straight every time unless you hit countless buckets at the range!

August Newsletter

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