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A Simple Pie

It’s August, in the middle of fruit season when I think about pies. I love a great 4 berry, strawberry-rhubarb or an old-fashioned banana cream pie. I am not a big dessert eater, as I prefer a great cheese plate, but on occasions, I have a slice or two. I have a bad habit of saying, “no dessert for me,” but when someone orders one for the table along with a couple of spoons, I end up digging in. I like the simplicity of pie because of its flaky pastry, singular flavors and the ease involved in eating it. When you cut into the pie, an easily definable point shows you where to stick your fork. The round shape allows you to cut a sliver or even eat half the pie. It looks good in the pan when baked right. As I thought about this and all the possible flavors – fruit, cream, sugar and sweetmeats – I realized I missed something. It’s my favorite pie that I could eat every week and never grow tired of. The pork pie is at the top of my list. However, most who grew up on this side of the Atlantic have no clue what this is. Few places in the U.S. even make it. The team at Publican Quality Meats in Chicago makes a good version. You can buy a whole one at the market or enjoy a slice across the street at the Publican as part of their tasting plates. I applaud chef Kahan for keeping this English tradition alive and well.

I am writing this on a sunny day in the backyard of my sister’s house in the UK. One of the first things I do when I return to this part of England is to stock up on a few things for the refrigerator. It’s kind of like a reverse detox; I want to eat all the unhealthy food that I just flushed out on a cleanse I got suckered into. It’s a supply of sausages and beer for breakfast, good crisps (potato chips for those of you who need me to translate), real mature white cheddar, and, of course, a pork pie or two. So what is a pork pie? Watch this short video to find out.

August Newsletter

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