August 2014 Newsletter

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A Hole In The wall

Do I have a knack for this stuff, or does it just find me when I am not looking for something in particular? I always find little places to eat or have food experiences that get imbedded in my food consciousness. It is my definition of a “hole in the wall.”

I thought I was being good on my family vacation. I decided that I would follow the typical routes and do the “tourist” thing, staying to the closest food places and accepting what they served. I was also contemplating the usual places, or “traps,” an out-of-towner would typically go to eat. Being in “Bean Town,” a town where I worked and in the state where I was born, I figured I would be able to make the best selections…all while not doing the inevitable of dragging my family down back streets or taking them on one-hour drives to go to obscure places I had heard of through a foodie’s underground network.

2014 August Newsletter

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