April Newsletter 2016

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A Trip, a Cocktail and a Grain of Rice

One of the greatest treasures I have is my chef’s jacket-but not in the literal context of a double-breasted white jacket with long sleeves. Being a chef is about your ability to connect with people, because chefs have a unique core. A chef always has his coat. It is a state of mind. Putting on the coat, whether it is the traditional white jacket or a custom t-shirt and cool apron, is about learning and sharing. I have always believed that the greatest skill a chef has is sharing things with others.

I have always gravitated toward the kitchen ever since I was a child. I love the kitchen and cooking, and the best part of that is taking someone to a place or providing an experience they have never had through food before. It is not about the stars or diamonds. Those accolades are merely the result of taking care of someone through food. Even at social events when I was simply a guest, I found myself around the food, watching and learning what the chefs were doing-always checking out menus, watching, reading and tasting.

April Newsletter

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