April Newsletter 2014

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April Newsletter 2014

An Ode to Joel

If you are a fan of the old CBS show Northern Exposure, you may remember the episode when the doctor, Joel Fleischman, makes a trip back to Michigan with bush pilot Maggie O’Connell, with whom he has a love-hate relationship throughout the show, to catch a Knicks game. There was one scene where Joel, a Jewish man himself, was astonished by the buffet at Maggie’s parents’ house and poses the question, “What’s with Catholics and all the mayonnaise?” This is one of the more memorable food lines from film and television that has stuck with me, and it has been a bit of an inside joke of mine for many years. In the last few weeks I had a similar experience. In traveling to Chile, it was very apparent that it is not just us North Americans who have a love affair with the red-headed step-child of the classical mother sauces. It was everywhere, and in copious amounts. Not in fine dining necessarily, but at markets, street stalls, snack bars and quick service restaurants (commonly known as “QSR” in the culinary world).

Mayonnaise, a once handmade commodity of the classical kitchen, has become a store shelf staple of the globe. In my neck of the woods, which boasts a substantial ethnic diversity, my local grocery stores are full of offerings from around the world. Is there any difference between them, from flavor, texture and taste? Is it a reminder of home that gives my neighbors a little security, and a way of passing down their childhood memories to their children who are now naturalized citizens? I will be doing a taste comparison on my blog at www.customizedculinarysolutions.com in the next few days, so stay tuned.

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April Newsletter 2014

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